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Face to Face Productions continue to tour in 2017
See Rosie Wilby's Conscious Uncoupling;
Marysia Trembecka's Singing Psychic Game Show/Queen of the Fucking World and SHELF at Edinburgh Fringe ....
And Caroline Burns Cooke's And the Rope Still Tugging Her Feet
in London, Buxton, Manchester, York and Ventnor IOW

The most recent Solo Theatre Workshops were at the Actors Centre:
April 10th 10.30 am – 5.30 pm Introduction to Solo Theatre
April 24th 25th 28th 10.30 am – 5.30 pm Advanced Solo Theatre
Please contact us for details of upcoming workshops

FACE TO FACE took their best to VAULT Festival 2017
Highlights from the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe
15 -19 February 2017

Wednesday 15 February 6.30pm

Carlotta de Galleon – A Fool For Love ...
Comic romp about a feminist's love for trashy romance novels, class act, star turn, Charlotte Gallagher will blow your mind. Hilarious ... a dynamic piece of theatre

Thursday 16 February 6.30pm

The world premiere performance of ROOK!
Martin Stewart creator of a Dr Who obsessive in Face to Face hit “The Pyramids of Margate” delves even deeper into science, obsession and comedy

Friday 17 February 6.30pm

And the Rope Still Tugging Her Feet
Brighton Argus Angel winner Caroline Burns Cooke
★★★★★ Funny, life affirming, dark, enthralling and unremittingly entertaining

Saturday 18 February 4.45pm
(double bill)
We Dance, We Work, We Sing
performed by Ayesha Casely Hayford
sharing voices of West Africa

Saturday 18 February 4.45pm
(double bill)
Bonfire Night
written by Claire Dowie and performed by Cora Fenton
"thoroughly compelling" "top class comedy"
"a perfect marriage of writer and performer"

Saturday 18 February 6.30pm

The Singing Psychic
Funny Women Best Show Nominee Marysia Trembecka
★★★★★ Completely Bonkers (in a good way) ...
laugh out loud and wonderful fun

Sunday 19 February 4.45pm

Face to Face Comedy with Shelf
Gay, hilarious and genius ...
Sketch Fest Finalists and Broadway Baby stars for the future ... winning hybrid of sketch show and stand up

Sunday 19 February 6.30pm

Why Is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt?
Claire Dowie Best of Fest in Edinburgh
★★★★★★ Comical .. Mind Blowing .. Phenomenal ..
Truly Unforgettable & Equally Unmissable

Date and place tbc

The Boris Johnson Chat Show
Herald Archangel Award winning Jack Klaff
★★★★★ five stars is not enough ... biting and hilarious ... funniest thing in Edinburgh

Sunday 19 February 6.30pm

A comic journey through female roles and dress codes  via "the knicker factor" school discos and errant sperm through the eyes of one young woman who wants to be a Beatle.

SIX stars and one of the Best of the Fest in the Edinburgh Evening News:
Claire Dowie's award-winning comedy on sexual stereotyping is one of Fringe 2013 hidden gems ... hilarious, angry, empowering, political, confused, tragic, subversive but most of all, human ... Tour de force performances are few and far between. In this one-hour piece Dowie gives just that.

Still angry, still hilarious, and still right, Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt? is phenomenal. This is not only a blistering rally cry for gender equality, but also a life-affirming piece of theatre.   Five Stars  (James Waygood)

Friday 17 February 6.30pm

written and performed by CAROLINE BURNS COOKE

Three Five Star Reviews
from The Argus Remote Goat and Fringe Guru

"Never sit on a boy's lap ...
unless there is the thickness of a telephone directory between you."

Caroline Burns Cooke has written and performs a funny, life affirming piece
that bristles with humanity. It starts with a prayer and ends with that same prayer, underlining the journey, before the final coda squeezes the heart. And The Rope ...' is dark, enthralling, and unremittingly entertaining; a one woman show inspired by 1984's Kerry Babies scandal, when an Irish mother was accused of killing her two children. Cooke and director Colin Watkeys have together succeeded in telling this extraordinary story with all the humour and immediacy of an Irish bar room raconteur, Guinness in hand, a light caress to the grim facts, a good yarn. She has you by the arm and you are immersed. Truth not drama informs a play '...dedicated to women who have suffered at the hands of mistaken ideologies'. It never preaches nor condemns, instead it squeezes the heart with a glint in the eye.   


Saturday 18 February 4.45pm
(double bill)
We Dance, We Work, We Sing
performed by Ayesha Casely Hayford

A solo theatre creation developed at
The Face to Face Festival
with director Colin Watkeys
three women in Ghana, West Africa  
tell the stories of their lives.


Saturday 18 February 4.45pm
(double bill)
Bonfire Night
written by Claire Dowie and performed by Cora Fenton
"thoroughly compelling"
Irish Theatre Magazine
"top class comedy"
Munster Express
"a perfect marriage of writer and performer"

"John Sheehy directs the piece with a lightness of touch"
Irish Theatre Magazine


Wednesday 17 February 6.30pm

Carlotta de Galleon A Fool for Love

"A class act, a star turn, Charlotte Gallagher will blow your mind."

A Feminist Romantic, Romance Fiction Fan who`s ... never been in love

"hilarious re-imagining of a formulaic sex scene"
"a dynamic piece of theatre"


Saturday 18 February 6.30pm

Marysia Trembecka
is The Singing Psychic

Funny Women
Best Show

Completely Bonkers
(in a good way)


Laugh out loud and
wonderful fun
Grumpy Gay Critic

You’ve got to see the psychic
.. she is brilliant!

Art of Dining


Thursday 16 February 6.30pm


Martin Stewart performs his latest venture into the twilight world between science fiction and science fact forever seeking out alarming truths which are difficult to suppose but suppose them we must ...

Top research chemist Peter Rook's entire outlook on the settled nature of the universe was blown apart due to an encounter with a box.  Peter, now transformed from scientist to seeker,  attempts to persuade a new audience that things are ... 'not necessarily' as they seem.

Sunday 19 February 4.45pm


“stars for the future”
Martin Walker, Comedy Editor, Broadway Baby

“winning hybrid of sketch show and stand up”
(EdFringeReview ****)


Date and place tbc

Following the runaway success
of his

Q & A with
Boris Johnson
Donald Trump

"the funniest show in Edinburgh"

Herald Archangel Award winning

Jack Klaff
The Boris Johnson Chat Show

“five stars is not enough”

“biting and hilarious”

Celebrity guests booked include:
Donald Trump president of America
and leader of the free world

Rosie Wilby's
Conscious Uncoupling

will be at the Omnibus Clapham
on 11th February 2017
Get Ready for Valentine's Day!

FIVE STARS from remotegoat.com               ★★★★★

Review of Rosie Wilby: The Conscious Uncoupling

"Deeply moving Brighton Fringe Highlight"

From start to finish-Rosie Wilby has the audience in the palm of her hand and this show triumphs on all levels. Already an established stand -up comedienne- this hour long exploration of the many strands of separation in a relationship-combines her arch view of life, eloquent and poetical "diary accounts" -all beautifully underscored by Richard Hawley's haunting music.

There are so many elements combined in this piece -written, performed and blended to perfection- bringing a tear to the eye one moment and a smile to the lips the next.

The key to the productions success is the writer/performer's ability to switch effortlessly between stand up comedy, recounting the communication between her past relationship ,by the clever use of reading emails from a tablet and balancing both with deeply moving and romantic writing of how the relationship evolved and hit the highs and lows. The piece never becomes over-sentimental, maintains focus and ultimately leaves us with a feeling of euphoria and positivity.

There are some hilarious moments -particularly the use of the "Ghosts of Christmas" -past ,present and future- which highlight the various stages of her relationship break up and Rosie's consummate skill in drawing her audience into her story makes this a beautifully intimate and thought provoking gem.

Simple, effective but deeply moving -this show leaves you wanting more and is one of the highlight's of this year's Brighton Fringe.

Face to Face
in Edinburgh
and Brighton
in 2016 ...

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